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The Interpreting Process

“When you first look at the major tasks involved in interpretation, i.e., concentrating on what is being said; analyzing it for meaning; understanding the cultural as well as the linguistic frame; shifting that frame to fit another culture and language; constructing appropriate sentences in the target language and uttering them, it’s an impressive task. When you add in other requisite functions of simultaneous interpreting such as; continuing to concentrate on incoming source language while you are accomplishing the above tasks; keeping in mind the speaker’s overall and immediate goal(s); predicting where the speaker is going; looking to the audience for feedback; as well as monitoring your own functioning, one develops a respect for the level of difficulty of interpreting and for one’s colleagues and self.”

—Barbara Walker, CSC, SC:L

"I love working with VIRS and always recommend you to anyone I know who's trying to find an interpreter. The hours you have saved me! Your pleasant and helpful staff; I can't imagine trying to provide services for Deaf students without you. Many thanks." —Marielle Blais, Director of Student Support Services, Castleton College

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