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VIRS Hiring Policies

The Vermont Interpreter Referral Service (VIRS) provides statewide interpreter referral services. A finder’s fee is charged to use this service.

Our policy is to refer primarily to nationally certified interpreters who hold certification from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID, Inc.) and/or from the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Level 4 or 5.

Pre-certified interpreters who meet the following criteria will be placed on the Referral List to be referred to only when the assignment does not require a nationally certified interpreter, when no nationally certified interpreter is available for the assignment and only with permission of the Deaf person(s) involved. The pre-certified interpreter must:

  • Have graduated from an interpreter training program or passed a state level screening test,
  • Have at least two years of experience,
  • Provide us with three reference letters, two from deaf consumers and one from a nationally certified interpreter,
  • Receive continuing education credits every two years,
  • Pass the written RID test.

Once we receive a request, we contact certified interpreters living closest to the assignment, with attention given to the consumer’s preference. After we have secured an interpreter, we will contact the hiring agency to provide the interpreter’s name, phone number and address. The interpreters are all independent contractors in private practice. The interpreter will directly answer your questions regarding their rates, travel costs, including travel time and mileage, cancellation policy and retainer fees. VIRS will send a bill for the finder’s fee and the interpreter will send a separate bill for the interpreting service. Requests received with less than a week’s notice will be subject to a late fee whether or not we fill the request, unless it is an emergency. The more notice you can give us the better your chances of securing an interpreter living closest to the assignment. If there are any changes in the assignment or you need to cancel, please contact the interpreter(s) directly and as soon as possible.

Common Business Practices

Interpreter billing policies vary and should be negotiated on an individual basis. Rates may vary depending on the nature and timing of the assignment and the level of experience and certification of the interpreter. Some common practices include a minimum fee, hourly rates, charges for mileage and travel time, cancellation policies and retainer fees.


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